About SPD

A young, vibrant medical transcription and software development company

SPD solutions private limited is the Indian arm of Espidi, an Australian business operating in Western Australia since 2012

Started in 2014, SPD has quickly tripled its production capacity and opened offices in two major Indian cities

    • Small company with a one on one focus on employees
    • Offices in Kolkata and Bangalore
    • Software development and medical transcription are the key work areas
    • Stable work pipeline means a stable work environment for employees

SPD, the place to be

SPD Solutions recruits both in house and home based medical transcription professionals. We are also on the lookout for software professionals familiar with Microsoft web development technologies for the development of eTrans, our medical transcription software. We do not need to go out looking for new clients as we have a steady pipeline of work provided by our parent Australian company.

We at SPD feel that our attitude towards our employees is what differentiates us from other medical transcription companies in India. We recognise talent, strive to create a growth path for our employees and believe that the only way for us to grow is for our employees to grow.

SPD employees are a close knit team in every centre and they have a flat reporting structure owing to the small size of the company. We try and recruit the best, spend time and money on making them familiar with our software and clients and aim to keep attrition at the lowest.

The Kolkata centre is located in Salt Lake, Kolkata and has a seating capacity of 25 people. It was the first centre to be opened in India and has rapidly doubled its production capacity and number of employees since commencing in 2014.
The Bangalore centre is located in JP Nagar and has started production from January 2015.

Why work for SPD

We are small

Sounds strange ? Ask yourself, do you want to work in a brand name that employs 10000 people, spends tonnes of money on an office to house them, does not know any of them personally and tries to recoup its overheads by imposing salary cuts where possible ?.

We pay the best

We do not offer useless insurance schemes or sugar coated benefits. We spend money where it counts, salaries and we will out pay anyone in the Indian market.

Employee friendly environment

You have kids, someone is sick at home, your wife needs to be taken to the hospital. We understand and we care. Take the day off or come in late, it is fine.

On time salary

Salaries are paid on the 2nd of every month. Invoices are paid on the same day or the next day. NO EXCEPTIONS. We have bills and so do you.

Indian holidays

Our employees enjoy a mix of Indian and Australian holidays and not just Australian ones.

No night shifts

We do not encourage people to work at nights and try to create a life-work balance.

Bleeding edge technologies

As a software developer in SPD, you will work with the latest technologies that are in play in the international arena. You choose which area interests you and we make it happen. If you are a medical transcription professional, you work with the software that we write and control, so you design your own tools.

Let's Work Together!

SPD Gallery

Here are some images of the SPD offices and our top gun employees. You could be here next !